Testimonials for David Downs


Real Estate Agent Atlanta, Ga

"Two years ago, my husband's job was transferred to Atlanta. We searched for more than a year with our assigned relocation agent without success.

It was time to make a change, and that change was David Downs. An agent that listened to and assimilated our wish list. Among other things, we wanted something close to Midtown, a house that was small and manageable, privacy with a back yard big enough for our dogs.

Saying David went above and beyond is an understatement. He was constantly searching, literally driving around with no other purpose than to find us the perfect solution. He contacted builders about upcoming projects, called agents about advanced listings.

Simply, David creatively found opportunities for us in a very competitive market. The house that we purchased in May 2014, is small and easy to take care of on 2.5 acres in Buckhead; plenty of privacy and plenty of roaming room for the dogs. Thank you David!"

~ Charles & Anastacia Burge

"We couldn't have asked for a better home buying experience and a large part of it can be attributed to David Downs.  He told us from the beginning that his goal was to make sure that we ended up happy with whatever home we bought.  David was incredibly patient and really listened to our needs and wants. 

We never felt pressured to make a decision, but at the same time his experience and advice was invaluable on many occasions.  You can really tell David really enjoys looking at homes and his passion made the shopping experience much more enjoyable.  We most certainly will work with David in the future for our next home purchase!!"

~Luis Lou

"David has been so incredible throughout this process – he is one in a million in the market there. 

I’ve been in New York for almost 10 years now, and there’s a level of attention and care I’ve come to expect from realtors.  He is the only person I’ve worked with in Atlanta that even comes close to meeting the bar. 

He is gracious, honest, and direct, was professional and timely in his communication, he hustled and made himself available as needed, he offered market insights that were invaluable, he went above and beyond, and he made us feel like he understood our specific needs and had our best interests top of mind when thinking about our next home.

I encourage you to partner with him ...we certainly plan to use him when we are thinking about buying."

~Jackson Best